* Accredited Investor: The SEC defines this as an individual who makes greater than $200,000 (or $300,000 if filing jointly) OR a combined net worth of greater than $1 million.


  • Earn passive income that keeps coming in while you sleep.
  • Minimize the tax you pay so you have more money to put to work.
  • Invest your money in two places at the same time.
  • Protect your wealth from creditors and leave a legacy behind for your family.
  • Diversify your income and make it recession proof.
  • Live the financially free life you’ve always dreamed of.

"The most important lesson I learned from Buck's course is probably the most important financial lesson I've ever learned. That is, unlike death, a good part of paying taxes IS avoidable. You just have to know the same stuff that the wealthy do!"

- Craig S, Chicago

"I was blown away by the Wealth Formula Banking concept on how to invest the same money in two places at the same time. Absolute genius! I encourage anyone to at least know this concept is out there."

- Trey L, Kansas City

"I make a great living as a surgeon but as you can imagine, I live in fear of law suits because of the litigious society we live in. I was amazed at how simple it was to make a few changes that help me sleep at night! Great course."

- Eric S, Newport Beach

Buck Joffrey, M.D.

Buck Joffrey M.D., is a former surgeon turned serial entrepreneur and real estate professional with over $1 billion AUM. He is also the host of the popular Wealth Formula® Podcast and author of the international best-selling book, 7 Secrets of Eternal Wealth, which focuses on financial education for high paid professionals.

Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright, is the CPA of Robert Kiyosaki and a best selling author behind multiple companies that specialize in wealth and tax strategy. Tom is also a leading expert and published author on partnerships and corporation tax strategies, a well-known platform speaker and a wealth education innovator. In his best-selling book Tax-Free Wealth, Tom shows entrepreneurs and investors how to build massive amounts of wealth through practical and strategic ways to permanently reduce taxes.

Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy, considered the guru of multifamily real estate investing, is the real estate advisor to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad financial education company. Ken has been in the real estate business for more than 26 years and his company owns and manages more than 8,000 units in multifamily projects nationwide—a portfolio valued at more than $700 million.

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is an author, investor and entrepreneur whose businesses and brand have generated nearly $1 billion in revenue. He did his first real estate deal before the age of 20 and went on to create a multimillion-dollar real estate business. He is a multiple NY Times bestselling author and spent 16 years every day on TV as a real estate and success trainer. Currently, Dean is obsessed with sharing the Success Habits learned along this journey with the world.






This module provides the tools and mindset to craft a strong wealth roadmap, enabling smart investment decisions.

You begin by mastering four elements:

  1. Your wealth mindset. In order to be wealthy, you must think like wealthy people do—and that is very different from the way most middle-class or high-paid professionals think. To create a new wealth paradigm, you must understand your current beliefs about money and investing and eliminate those that are not real and do not serve you. We will cover this in two separate sessions because it’s so important!

  2. The core principles of real wealth creation. Great investors know and follow certain principles that help them build wealth faster and keep more of their wealth for the long term.

  3. The basic mathematical formula that will allow you to accelerate your returns exponentially.

  4. The secrets to accessing investment opportunities that only the wealthiest and most successful people know.



Wealthy people focus not just on wealth creation, but wealth preservation. This module will show you how to keep more of the money you earn and protect it from those who would like to take it from you (including the government). You will learn how to take advantage of every legal way to reduce your expenses and increase your revenue so you will have more to invest.

The experts in this module will help you to:

  1. Develop an investment action plan that you can follow with confidence because it’s based upon making the same decision over and over again.

  2. Minimize your taxes legally. For most people taxes are the biggest expense they will ever have. You’ll learn how to reduce your tax burden in every legal way possible.

  3. Provide for yourself and your family with a strong, well-structured estate plan—so that you can pass more of your wealth to your children and loved ones.

  4. Having wealth means becoming a target for those who want to take your assets (through lawsuits and other means). That’s why it’s so critical to put an asset protection plan in place to protect your estate starting now.

  5. How to use insurance—not just to protect your assets and your family, but also to build wealth in innovative ways.


Real Estate

This module gives you the information you need to create your own portfolio, using one of the most powerful asset classes for building wealth.

You’ll learn:

1. Why real estate beats paper assets in almost any economy.

2. An easy four-step process for successful real estate investing, including how to analyze deals and maximize profit from every property you purchase.

3. How to target the right market, the right neighborhood, and the right type of property to meet your investment goals—and to build the right team to help you.

4. How to invest in real estate passively: you provide the cash while others do the work of finding deals and managing properties for you.

5. A unique way of buying notes and investing in mortgages that helps homeowners in distress AND provides a healthy return on your capital.

6. How to use private placements and syndications to participate in big real estate projects (100-unit multifamily housing complexes, luxury resorts, etc.) even if you can’t fund the whole deal yourself.


Other Vehicles

The contents of this module cover financial strategies that all the wealthiest families, hedge fund managers, and multinational banks use—and you can too.

You’ll discover:

1. The ins and outs of investing in precious metals, and why you should consider owning physical gold rather than gold-backed securities.

2. How to find and evaluate businesses in which to invest.

3. Life settlements: a sophisticated way to invest in other people’s life insurance policies that can produce dramatic returns. (Hint: This is an asset class that Warren Buffett spends $600 million a year investing in.)

4. A source of capital that most people have but don’t know they can use right now to invest in real assets.

5. Criterias for evaluating any investment: how to look at opportunities and decide whether they are right for me.



True wealth encompasses financial wealth, health and happiness, mission and purpose, and time well spent. This module focuses on how you can create that kind of true wealth in your life.

You’ll discover:

1. How to break out of the “golden handcuffs” created by your current lifestyle, and experience the freedom that comes from creating multiple streams of passive income so you never have to work again.

2. What the most important currency you have is and how you can use it to live life on your terms.

3. How to overcome the mental limitations that keep you from success and fulfillment and to make the choices today that will bring you more of both.

4. The value of goals—and even more important, the value of knowing your reasons for achieving them.

5. How to put the lessons and examples of others into practice, starting now.

6. The power of gratitude to create true wealth in any financial circumstances.


The Wealth Formula Podcast

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and wealth strategies!